Dr. Robot, please report to the OR

Trembling hands? Error message. Robot-assisted systems with artificial intelligence support medical treatment that physicians cannot do on their own: minimally invasive procedures, precise navigation within the body – and even diagnoses.

Social Collaboration in ECM Systems

Collaboration functionality in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions is hanging daily office life and corporate culture. Read which factors matter most.

Autonomous vehicle featured at CeBIT – the Swiss Post SmartShuttle

In Berlin a self-driving electric bus is transporting passengers around a private estate, while in London self-driving robots are being used to make food deliveries. Meanwhile in the United States, autonomous trucks are being used to transport cases of beer and in Switzerland two self-driving shuttle buses are ferrying passengers around downtown Sion in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Cyber attacks recognized, analyzed… and blocked

At the Airbus CyberSecurity Showcase CeBIT visitors can experience live how sophisticated cyber attacks can be repelled.