Centro Banamex Convention Center is a world - class convention and exhibition center and with the perfect combination of experience, quality and infrastructure to make BITS Mexico a success.

It has a total exhibition space of 365 thousand square feet for fairs and shows and a total capacity of 50,000 people, at one time. It is near the hotel zone and is only 45 minutes from the Mexico City International Airport, It is the first Convention Center in the Americas to obtain EarthCheck’s Certification as a sustainable site.

Centro Banamex is located at:
Avenida del Conscripto No. 311
Mexico City, Mexic Postal Code 11200
Call.: +52 55.5268.2000
Fax: +52 55.5268.2004

Mexico City

Mexico City is dynamic, vibrant and full of life. With 18 million inhabitants, it is the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere and the city with the largest number of Spanish speakers in the world. Few cities in the world have a history as rich and ancient as Mexico City, a city whose metropolitan area has housed important human settlements for over 2 thousand years.

Mexico City, one of the most populous cities in the world, is so varied in its offerings that it promises to never bore the visitor: It is located in the center of everything that interests you: culture, nature, a large number of events, congresses, shows, education, health, religion and nightlife.

Main Attractions in Mexico City


The capital of Mexico, is recognized for having some of the most important museums in the world: From its ancestral roots you can learn from the National Museum of Anthropology and History, which is considered one of the best of its kind, thanks to its specialized exhibit that show objects of the pre-Hispanic cultures, of great splendor from around the country and from Central America; To the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum and Home of Frida Kahlo, the Chapultepec Castle and the Old College of San Ildefonso.

Architecture and Monuments

Here you will find examples of colonial and modern architecture that, between walls and windows, show the richness of the past and the modernity of the present.

To appreciate part of its architectural wealth, it is indispensable to visit the Historic City Center, where there are many buildings that adorn the avenues with impressive architecture. One of them is the National Palace, which is located in the capital’s Zocalo.

There, in the heart of the city, is the Metropolitan Cathedral, of gray quarry construction dating from the sixteenth century. It is one of the main examples of Mexican art and is considered among the most outstanding examples of Hispanic American art. Another place to enjoy is the Post Office building in Mexico City, called Postal Palace. One of the most elegant buildings in Mexico City, it is located very close to the Palace of Fine Arts, another very representative building, which reflects the beautiful architecture of Mexico City.


In Mexico City you can see archaeological sites that are legacy of the first civilizations that populated the area and left important cultural features that continue to fascinate Mexican and international tourists.

In the heart of the city you can have an encounter with the Aztec culture within the archaeological zone, which allows you to admire the remains of what was the Templo Mayor, where some of the most significant sculpture pieces of the Aztecs have been found, such as the representations in Stone of the gods Coyolxauqui, Tlaltecuhtli and the famous Stone of the Sun, also called the Aztec Calendar. In this place the excavations and the restorations of the past continue.

Another place that houses important archaeological remains is the Plaza of 3 Cultures in Tlatelolco, where several pre-Hispanic structures remain, sheltered by buildings. Here you can see the different epochs of Mexican history: pre-Columbian, colonial and modern.


The great variety of ingredients, flavors and textures make Mexican cuisine unique. Tasting a few tacos, quesadillas with handmade tortillas or traditional tortas, is possible in one of the many restaurants in town. Generally for the creation of these products ingredients come from the pre-Hispanic kitchen, such as corn, chiles, pumpkin, nopales, tomato, avocado, among others, that in combination form true delicacies.

Without doubt the City is already a multicultural and cosmopolitan place, where it is possible to find in its streets an infinity of restaurants of world-class cuisine, in which dishes of the highest quality are offered for the most.

Show and NightLife

There are iconic areas to spend the night, such as Polanco, Santa Fe, the Zona Rosa, the Historical Center and the neighborhoods of Condesa, Rome, Coyoacán and San Angel, which are the popular among the inhabitants of the capital.

On the main avenues like Insurgentes Avenue, which goes from north to south and the Paseo de la Reforma there are numerous nightlife establishments, where you can enjoy a relaxed bohemian night or an endless evening of dancing with friends.

Nevertheless, one of the places not to miss is Plaza of Garibaldi, where the folk music and the local traditions are found. Enjoy the beat of a traditional mariachi and taste very Mexican drinks like tequila, the night life crowd will find much to enjoy.

Take advantage of your visit to BITS Mexico and get to know Mexico City.


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